Ross Newton

Hi, I am Ross and I’m a product design leader. I've led teams of product and UX designers, researchers and content designers. Recently at Delphia, I was the Director, User Experience and I was responsible for growing the team, building the systems, frameworks and vision for the product and org.

My career spans 10+ years in product design and user experience and 6 years in managing and directing. I’ve worked from zero to one in product design and development, and across small and medium startups and enterprise. I’ve played a role in growing new R&D arms, and impacted hiring and culture beyond just the core product design team.

I have a passion for capturing innovation and organizing chaos. When I was at Postmedia, I worked across multiple product lines and managed a team of 12, including leads, researchers and product designers. I had an influence on the product strategy, and the delivery process. An achievement for me was binging in user research as a function and building the team, processes and organizational understanding.

I've previously had roles with Delphia, Postmedia, Ampifii and Measurely.

I hold a Masters in Library Science from the University of Toronto -- which taught me a ton about people, research, data and search systems.

I also really like electronic music, coffee ☕️ and working remotely. So you probably will never hear that music if it is not to your taste. One day I hope to open a coffee shop with great wifi.

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